Annual Subscription Fee

Membership annual fees to be part of the Group are currently set at £20.00 (covering January to December).

There is a discounted student/unwaged Membership annual fee currently set at £10.00.

Individuals are welcome to join the SLLG at any time.

You might like to view our short guide to the levels of membership recognised in the SLLG, to see which is suitable for you.


Membership Benefits

Members of the Scottish Law Librarians Group enjoy being part of a vibrant professional and social sphere where they can share an interest in resources and information services within the field of Scots Law.

Members take pride in being part of what is the major voice in the legal information services sector in Scotland: never ceasing in advocating the importance and value of professional library and information management in the legal environment.

The Scottish Law Librarians Group is a community of combined experiences, shared resources and professional camaraderie regardless of any member's employment position, service or qualification.

Our members benefit from:

• Professionally engaging with sector developments
• Sharing ideas
• Gaining advice
• Adding to the conversation on the Group website forums
• Developing friendships

• Training events tailored to the needs of Scots law information professionals
• Entitlement to apply for the Group Bursary for both Group and External training events
• Member-only discounted rates for any Group training opened up to non-members

Relevant Sector Information
• A maintained blog of member interest
• Group website posting latest news, events and employment opportunities

Social Activities
• Informal events where discussions are encouraged to flow in all directions
• Visits to places of interest to the Group